Sunday, April 3, 2011


I’ve been thinking about the power of my choices. Everyday I am afforded opportunities to make any number of choices: what I think about, what memories I dwell on, how I speak or don’t speak, how I help others, how I respond to humiliating events, what I do with my time, etc. etc. You can take away every freedom a person possesses except for the last freedom—the freedom to choose how one responds in any given set of circumstances. My everyday choices are rarely, if ever, neutral. The decisions I make and the choices I exercise affect others and me in positive or negative ways. C.S. Lewis once said that our choices turn us one of two ways: either into a Heaven creature that is in harmony with God resulting in freedom, joy and peace, or a hellish creature who lives in a state of war and hatred with God resulting in loneliness, horror and tyranny. My everyday choices move me toward one state or the other.

The power of my choices. Wow! Go and make good ones today!

S t r e t c h e d